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At Masciel Real Estate Co. we aim to make it easy for you to buy, sell, rent and lease real estate of all types. We want to transform the process into a dream come true! We provide these resources to help you make informed and educated decisions and help you through the process of transition!  


Be prepared! 


With nearly 500,000 California homes worth a combined $268 billion under serious risk from wildfires, and the issue growing more acute with each passing year, insurance companies are ramping up prices or outright refusing to renew policies in fire-prone areas. Use these materials to keep your customers informed about how to protect their homes, keep their insurance coverage and find new coverage when necessary. 


Working towards your new home!

In an effort to help you find your next home, whether it's your first time home, your move-up home or an investment property, we are experienced in all transactions. We have included a Buyer's Handbook for you to browse and become familiar with the biggest questions you will have throughout this process. 





Making it easy to move!

Selling a home can be a slow process, from getting the home ready for sale to finding the right buyer, we are here to help. Whether you are in the process of moving to your next home or trying to sell a property for a loved one, we have you covered. Read our Seller's Handbook that outlines the most important information on selling your home fast! 




Read about the latest news! 


Join our community of lifelong clients and friends. We write a seasonal newsletter that gives updates on market trends, personal insights, tips/tricks on home improvement and financial planning. Please sign up to receive our newsletter digitally below. If you prefer a hard copy, call us and we can arrange to send it to you.

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